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 Regulation has made it a legal requirement for all chemical products to carry the relevant advisory safety symbols. There is much debate and a little anger as in some cases the relevance isn't relevant. 

Rubberaser and Rubberaser Original it has to be said, are less hazardous then all of the alternatives available on the market today, and most of the products we have in our homes do not come close to being as safe, all our products come with the advisory mandatory symbols. 

The Original Rubberaser was made from naturally re-occurring orange peel, and didn't come anywhere close to the  global consumption and impact our home products do.

In fact, more harm  comes from the household products we use every minute of the day than did from Rubberaser Original. 

The new Rubberaser blend and Rubberaser Original remain the safest most cost effective way to treat and remove reverted rubber from any runway anywhere in the world.

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