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London Heathrow Video 

This video has been on the website for a while now with no audio. Whilst comments and text notes can detail what was said during the recording it is not as good as hearing it first hand. This video is now available in full, it does include some bad language, but in the spirit of full disclosure this happens as the Rubberaser treated runway starts to be cleaned. The comments and opinions are honest and from the operatives that already clean the runway. Their response is audiable in this video.


Key points in the video:


0:04 seconds, 1500 PSI no Rubberaser was confirmed as the pressure that the machine was operating at

--As a note the grey areas on the white lines is previous attempts that has removed the paint. High pressure is the main cause of this

1:35 confirmed pressure was now operating at 1400PSI*

1:40 typical pressure is an additional 1100PSI making it 2500PSI

1:43 it does the job is the current acceptance level with the pressure set at 1500PSI, they are not able to run at a high pressure due to risk of further damaging the runway or markings

1:48 **Bad language alert** The jet of water cleaning the runway just starts to clear the Rubberaser treated area. A clear contrast is visible between the treated and untreated runway.

--Again, the grey areas in the white line is actually damage caused by previous cleaning attempts, this would not happen with Rubberaser and lower pressures.

2:17 'at 1400 that is a very good result'

2:27 **Bad language alert**

2:38 'These results are possible with pressures at 2500PSI - but this would cause damage to the runway'

2:52 There is always concern around the joints in the runway. But the results here are impressive again

3:00 The response, 'we have not had it like that for a long time'

3:16 There are comments to get the boss out to see the impressive results even just after midnight when this was filmed, such was the results

3:25 It is also noted that the grooves in the runway are being cleared out, other attempts had left deposited rubber in these.

3:58 As the camera moves wider is is possible to see the actual runway surface cleaner, the white lines are used to show the contrast, but Rubberaser does clean the entire surface removing reverted rubber deposits safely

* - Further tests have been done where the pressures were reduced further still to 500PSI, the results were still as impressive. As a further note results are possible with pressures less than 500PSI, but the equipment in use can not operate lower than that.

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