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Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA)

This is the equipment that Doncaster use to regularly clean and maintain the runway. No modifications were made for this test.


Here Rubberaser was literally thrown over the runway, a small sample area over the runway surface away from the painted lines. Rubberaser can be poured onto the runway, but application is better and evenly applied when sprayed.


As with most tests, the demonstration includes a bare hand indication of how safe to handle and effective Rubberaser is.

No water has been used at this point, just Rubberaser, how many other solutions can remove rubber from a runway within minutes using no water.


For this test time was a contstraint, Rubberaser was only applied for less than a minute, but in this time the difference on a mildly contaminated runway is still showing improvement. Also note that a jet lance was used to clean Rubberaser from the treated area, not a large ultra high pressure sprayer. These results are not only impressive visually, but save water, damage to the runway from high pressure sprayers, and prolongs the life of the machinery.

The recommended time for Rubberaser to be applied is 10 minutes, this was after a minute.

The jet lance was used to clean the Rubberaser and Rubber from the surface, revealing the cleaner grooves and surface.


Again within the time constraint for access to the runway, the small portion of white line was treated, and again clear differences are visible.

If you are interested in a consultation and want to see Rubberaser on your runway contact Derek on +44 (0)1652 652444 or email at

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