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About Vin-Dotco (UK) Ltd & RUBBERASER™

Vin-Dotco (UK) Ltd. Is a leading provider of environmentally friendly cleaning products to industry. Established over 30 years ago it was the first U.K. based company to extensively utilise the incredible cleaning ability of citrus extract d'Limonene.  d`Limonene  continues to be used by some of the most famous of perfumeries in the world today its incredible natural cleaning properties have yet to be surpassed.  Increased regulation in industrial use of this precious ingredient has changed and we to at Vindotco are changing with this change in attitude. Our new re-developed Rubberaser is as good if not better than before. 


Citrus was at the core of Rubberaser, however with advances in chemical technology Vindotco was able to formulate a new Rubberaser developed to remover reverted rubber and meet all environmental requirements at the same time, it is a unique and naturally balance blend of ingredients. Rubberaser™ is highly effective, time and cost efficient, environmentally friendly, biodegradable and user friendly. It is completely safe for personnel to use and it will not contaminate water drainage systems or harm the landscape. Rubberaser can and does reduce your carbon Foot Print.

Formulated specifically for the aviation industry. Rubberaseris the most natural and effective way of removing reverted rubber deposited by landing aircraft, increasing friction between aircraft tyres and the runway surface. The overall performance or longevity of the runway surface is preserved and often increase, and as always with Rubberaser the runway can be cleaned with very low pressures, much less than currently being used by Ultra High Pressure Systems. Please see our video page.  


The British Airport Authority (BAA), and Airfield Signs and Markings (ASM) approached Vindotco some 18 years ago to see if  a natural but effective cleaner for removing reverted rubber from runways and white line markings could be developed.  Since that time many hours and effort have been spent researching and developing a product that gives proven results, but is also acceptable to all safety organisations, airport authorities and the general aviation industry. From this research Rubberaser was born, sucessfully tested by Leeds University and other organisations such as DERA, as well as receiving approval from the Thames and Anglian Water Authority. In recent months successful treatment of RAF airfields has been carried out along with civilian airports such as Heathrow. Rubberaser now services many other airports in countries such as Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East with great success.

Why the need to remove rubber from a runway with RUBBERASER™?

A 747 jumbo jet lands at approximately 160mph and weighs 300t when landing. It is equipped with 16 main landing gear tyres, and two nose landing gear tyres. Aircraft tyres are manufactured from natural rubber, and each time an aircraft lands it deposits reverted rubber on the runway and the white lane safety markings. It is expected that the larger and heavier new range of aircraft will exacerbate the problem.


This deposit is worsened in wet conditions; as an aircraft wheel will accelerate from 0mph to 160mph during a typical landing manoeuvre, the instant gain in wheel speed on contact with the tarmac creates a vast amount of friction, the heat generated boils any water lying on the runway surface and increases the amount of reverted rubber deposited on the runway by the tyres.


This accumulation of rubber causes serious friction problems, particularly in wet weather, as we have all been made aware of by the recent spate of aircraft leaving the runways on landing. The build up of rubber deposits can cover the major white lines of a runway in only three weeks. Typically a runway is deemed contaminated when water deeper than 3mm, or wet snow or slush is present over 25% or more of the assessed area. Contaminated runways should be assessed and the surface conditions reported in accordance with CAP168 chapter 3, Appendix 3D.

With the ever-increasing world demand for air travel, maintenance timing is critical and the hours available for runway cleaning and maintenance are precious. The natural efficiency of Rubberaser™ allows runway cleaning to be kept to a minimum and reduces long-term damage to the runways which is experienced from other mechanical treatments.

If you are interested in a consultation or demonstration on your runway and would like to see the difference Rubberaser can make please contact Derek by emailing to or calling one of the numbers below.

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