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London Heathrow 

For this test the standard cleaning equipment at Heathrow was used. No additional equipment was needed, just positive changes to the operation.

Again, as above, this is the current and standard equipement that Heathrow use to clean the rubber deposits from the runways.


Rubberaser is safe, how many products would you put your hand in whilst it is working. Although not actually applied by bare hand, it is safe enough to handle.

For best results leave Rubberaser on the treatment area for 10 minutes.


After 10 minutes the runway lines were sprayed at 500PSI, the line on the left was treated with Rubberaser, the one on the right was not.

As a note, 500PSI was used as the lowest possible pressure the equipment was able to sustain. Rubberaser works before any water is used, the work is done when Rubberaser is left on the surface for the recommended 10 minutes, water is used to clean the rubber deposits away from the surface.


As a direct comparison, the runway line here was not treated with Rubberaser, but the line was sprayed at 1400PSI. At almost 3 times the pressure the result was still not as good as with Rubberaser


The results speak for themselves, here one of the Heathrow team look over the line sprayed at 1400PSI, the Rubberaser treated lines clearly visible in the background, a visible difference.

If you are interested in a consultation and want to see Rubberaser demonstrated on your runway contact Derek on +44 (0)1652 652444 or email at

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