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Vitoria Airport (VIX)

This demonstration was carried out at the Vitoria airport in Brazil. The equpment used for the test pictured here, a Johnston sweeper.


For this demonstration, the Rubberaser sample was initially poured over the area to be treated.


The next step in application, once poured you can use a brush to extend the treatment area. Here Rubberaser was spread onto the adjacent runway, the rubber removal properties of Rubberaser are not limited to the white lines alone. White lines are typically used for Rubberaser demonstrations to show the contrast between a contaminated white line and a Rubberaser treated white line.


As with all demonstrations, Rubberaser is safe enough to handle with bare hands, even whilst removing the rubber contamination.

Even at this point Rubberaser is removing the rubber from the surface, not causing damage from high pressures, not using copious amounts of water. Just Rubberaser brushed onto the runway.


This is not normally shown, but where a bare hand was used in the image above you can actually see how good Rubberaser is, no water has been used here, just a bare human hand. The line is instantly cleaner.


Typically to clean a runway ultra high pressure jets are used with pressures reaching 40,000PSI or greater, here once Rubberaser has sat for 10 minutes it can be cleaned off with a hand held jet lance which has a maximum rated PSI of 1500. Even the grooves for water removal and increased friction are cleaned, no ultra high pressure or wire brushes were needed.

Whilst these results were possible with water and a lower pressure of 1500PSI compared to other methods, Rubberaser does not need anywhere near that; it even works without any pressure. Water is used to speed up the cleaning and rubber removal.


With the light fading and the sample area cleaned you can see the visible difference Rubberaser made. Not only is it cleaner than before, less water was used, less pressure was needed too. 

This area is lit by 2 maintenance vehicles, the difference here would also be visible by approaching pilots.

If you are interested in a consultation and want to see Rubberaser on your runway contact Derek on +44 (0)1652 652444 or email at

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