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At 44 seconds into the video the runway and white line treated with RubberaserTM comes in to view, which was applied 10 minutes earlier. Pressures below 1000bar were achieved, much lower than the 2500bar recommended. 

Further tests done on the 2nd September 2017 meant a further drop in pressure was required, 500PSI (35 bar) was the target and again RubberaserTM produced brilliant results, the limitations of the machine were  being pushed down to there lowest operating pressure. We know pressure of less than 500PSI can be reached with Rubberaser TM

This vast difference in low pressure has not only increased the life expectancy of the equipment used, but more importantly, has greatly increased the life expectancy of the runway, making Rubberaser TM the most effective and natural cleaning product for all airports alike to make massive savings in maintenance, not just on the runway but with the equipment used. 

Rubberaser TM does not need the expense of high end equipment to work, it works very well by itself.

RUBBERASER™ London Heathrow Airport 20/07/2016

In the video above there is no audio, it was removed as some choice language was used as the Rubberaser treated runway started to be cleaned. 

At the start of the video the pressure was 1500PSI, it was reduced to 1400PSI before the treated runway appeared. The marked areas on the white lines are the effect of previous cleaning attempts, where pressures of 2500PSI were used. Further comments on the video echo this.

The joint on the runway was a major concern, other cleaning methods have caused damage and not effectively cleaned the area. In the original video (available on request) at 3 minutes the quote was 'we have not had it like that in a long time', the joint was cleaned well, not damaged and the results were far better than any other method used.

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